As a member of the prestigious press corps for the Vancouver 2010 Games, I was given and early look inside a building (tent) that will undoubtedly be the place to be to watch all the Olympic hockey action. Now, typically high rollers and VIPs don’t fight for a chance to set up shop in a tent, but this aint no regular tent.

The Molson Canadian Hockey House has got to be the largest hockey-themed tent in the world. If it’s not the biggest, then it’s definitely the coolest. The place boasts three hi-def. jumbo screens, two bars and a whole whack of those old-school spinny-guy arcade machines. You know the ones? The big bubble with the little guys inside wearing a red Canada or USSR jersey?

The whole place is also rigged up with a massive stage where performances by the Barenaked Ladies, Sam Roberts and other top musical acts will help carry the party well into the early morning. Wayne Gretsky will even make an appearance.

Oh.. and did I mention the beer girls? They are not, not attractive.

On Wednesday, amongst 100 or so members of the press, I walked into this hockey heaven eager to see what all the fuss was about. I was more than impressed. Although all the $99 one-night passes are all sold out, and the fact that one would  have to take out a small bank loan for one of the $500 to $1,000 VIP passes (one night only), I highly recommend trying to get into this place.

It’s no secrete that watching hockey for Canadians is a passion. Most of us would be happy watching the game in black and white, so long as our team was playing for gold. However, if you get the chance, by some chance, to wiggle your way into the Hockey House, do it! It will not disappoint.