The huge snow of last winter combined with the epic rainfall of June has created messes everywhere in the region. Most notable is the serious flooding in Sicamous, that forced hundreds to leave their homes. There were also two major mudslides that resulted in closure of the Trans-Canada Highway for several days.

Up in Glacier National Park, the chaos has meant lots of work for trail crews. Check out these two pictures (courtesy Parks Canada) – the first of a bridge along the Perley Rock/Sir Donald Trail, and the second of the Abandoned Rails trail.

The Perley Rock/Sir Donald trail has been repaired, Parks Canada spokesperson Tania Peters told me today. The Abandoned Rails trail is still undergoing slope assessment and remains closed for the foreseeable future. There was also flooding in the Illecillewaet Campground that caused it to close down for a few days, but a portion of it was opened just before the long-weekend.

What’s the problem? How about 204.6mm of rain in June – 72 per cent more than the monthly average. It rained for 27 out of 30 days in June, making for a pretty dreary month.

There’s also enough snow in the alpine to cover a six-foot-tall person. That was of June 28 at the Mt. Fidelity snow plot, which is located at an elevation of 1,900m. The snowpack is nearly twice as deep as normal for this time of year. That means if you’re planning any hiking or mountaineering in the area, be prepared for deep snow and avalanche hazards, warns Peters.

Revelstoke is one of several communities featured in video featuring age-friendly initiatives in B.C. Revelstoke Social Development Coordinator Jill Zacharias, volunteer driver Sonny Pedersen, Mt. Begbie Manor operations manager Pat Weatherbee, computer student Marlene Scarcelli, Revelstoke Senior Citizens Association president Ruth Boettger and others appear in this 37-minute long video. Here’s some info on the videos from

Want to see age-friendly communities in action?

These Age-friendly BC (AFBC) community videos feature seniors, local government staff and officials, and community representatives talking about what makes their community or organization age-friendly. We hope their advice and examples will help inspire you to come up with ways for your community to become more age-friendly.

The videos were developed primarily for local governments, but others may find project ideas that fit their own communities as well. You can watch the Full Video, which includes an introduction to AFBC with all of the topics, or choose a video on one of the specific age-friendly topics from the list above.

Follow this link to the video:

Age-friendly BC Community Videos


A look at Mt. Revelstoke National Park

TV Ontario just posted this 1996 show about Mt. Revelstoke National Park online. It looks at the wildlife, ecology, geography and history of the Park. Check it out:
















On the Wapta Traverse. Photo by Melanie Bernier.

Melanie Bernier, a Revelstoke resident and member of Canada’s ski mountaineering team, set a new speed record for the Wapta Traverse. She completed the route in 7.5 hours with her ski partner Ian Gale.

To put that in perspective, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures offers guided trips of the Wapta Traverse that take four to six days. Bernier doesn’t mention how far they travelled, but the four-day traverse offered by Yamnuska is 37 kilometres long.

Bernier is the top female ski mountaineering racer in Canada and she’s also a pretty good mountain biker too.

You can read all about her adventure on her blog.

OK, that’s a weird headline. Anyway, after never (in memory) getting a request for help with designing a new logo, I get two in the space of an hour. Here’s one from the new Revelstoke Youth Network’s Karlene Loudon:

We are starting a new Youth Network in Revelstoke.

I was at the CBT Youth Action Summit conference in Kimberley this weekend with three awesomely inspirational youth (Taryn Walker, M’Liz Lee and Josh Rota). Everyone leaves the Summit with an Action Plan to take back to their home community. Ours is to host a Name & Logo Contest for the Youth Network. I have attached the poster, which offers a description of the Network. In summary, its focus is “cool stuff for young people.”

Help the Revelstoke Youth Network with their new logo!

This network will act as a youth advisory for YIC (Revelstoke’s Youth Initiative Committee). In turn, YIC can act as the adult allies for youth projects & ideas that come from the Network. Youth from the network may present their ideas to the YIC, and vice versa. The network will have a website that communicates cool events/programs/opportunities/grants for youth, and offers a forum for youth to discuss topics that interest them.

Karlene Loudon

Revelstoke Youth Liaison

PO Box 8570

Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S2

Phone: 250-200-0512

Be a friend of the Friends by taking their new logo survey. Over to you Neills:

The Mount Revelstoke National Park Community Centennial Committee would like your help in the development of a logo.  There are four questions we would like you to answer at the following address via survey monkey. All the answer collected will be used to help in the creation of a logo and branding.  The logo will be used by the community celebrations committee to promote events around Mount Revelstoke’s 100th birthday.

Deadline is Friday, May 11, 2012.  Feel free to send this email out to others.  The more information we get from the general public the better the logo.


A. Neills Kristensen, Executive Director

Friends of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier

Race at the Ranch report

Loggin' Leftovers on Boulder Mountain is named after recent logging activity in the downhill trails area on the mountain. C. Millar photo

The Revelstoke Cycling Association’s Callum McLeary provided us an update on a Revelstoke contingent’s journey to Kamloops. Enjoy this great first-person account of the event:

2012 Kamloops Race at the Ranch series

By Callum McLeary

Shaking the dust from my riding gear this morning I take a little time to reflect on this past weekends racing action. The venue was the Kamloops bike ranch. The event was the first round of the B.C. Downhill Cup.

A five strong Revelstoke Cycling Association team was dispatched to get down and dusty with over 300 other mountain bikers from all over B.C. and Alberta. Stuart Dickson and Sam Poarch headed up the junior ranks while Aaron Clarke, Andrew Clark and myself, Callum McLeary, filled in the numbers in the not so junior division.

The race track at the Kamloops Bike Ranch is shorter than most on the B.C. Cup circuit. The 1.1km long the trail is packed full of man-made technical features and high speed jumps of all sizes. This made for a very spectator friendly course, and a huge challenge for those of us swinging a leg over the downhill bike for the first time this season. Saturday’s practice finished up at 4 p.m., and with a half dozen laps under the belt everyone seemed a bit more comfortable about riding in the loose dust and 20-plus degree heat. To celebrate we finished off with a couple of ‘Rio’ laps. A Kamloops classic made famous in the movie Seasons, and a must do if you’re staying in the area.

Sunday, race day

A greasy spoon belly full, care of the Amsterdam Café, seemed like the perfect way to start the morning. However, as the race day nerves kicked in I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking that maybe the continental breakfast at the motel would have been a better choice.

Time for two practice laps in the morning before racing started at 11:30 a.m. Last chance to get those lines dialled! Andrew and Aaron were leading the Revelstoke charge in the Citizen class. From my vantage point on the side of the track I could see Aaron was off to a flyer on the top half of the course, launching big off the road gap much to the delight of a very vocal crowd! Unfortunately a slight deviation from his line in the home stretch had him sprawled out on the ground right in front of us! To Aaron’s credit, a speedy remount and fast finish earned him a commendable 8th place with a time of 2:14:90.

Andrew, hot on Aaron’s heels, tore the lower half of the course to shreds, having what he described as his best run of the weekend, earning him a podium finish! A well deserved third place in the Citizen 30-plus category, with a time of 2:08:95. Read the rest of this entry »

Bruno Long featured on

Revelstoke photographer Bruno Long is starting to make a name for himself in the mountain biking and skiing world. Back in January he had a photo gallery published on Powder Magazine’s website. Now, he’s the subject of a lengthy photo essay and Q&A on the popular mountain biking website

Bruno was recently featured in the Spring issue of The View. You can find copies of that around Revelstoke. Here’s one of his photo’s that he sent us to use in that article:

The cabin. Photo by Bruno Long

Really, you should check out the other links to really see how good he is behind the lens.

Bruce Thomas LA gallery exhibit video

Revelstoke visual/multi-media/music artist and extra-creative talent Bruce Thomas held a multi-media show in Los Angeles in 2011. Here’s a video he created for his NXT Passage Out show. Except for some of the underwater imagery, Bruce created the whole thing himself. Look carefully for imagery of Revelstoke and surrounds in the video. Like all things Bruce Thomas, it defies easy description, so you’ll have to check it out for the full experience.

Stoke Roasted Coffee’s Conor Hurley made a video for the recent North Columbia Environmental Society climArt change show that highlighted his fossil fuel-free ski trips. Thanks for sharing it with us Conor! Check it out: