Another day, another unbelievable anonymous e-mail from the anonymous puzzle factory that calls itself “stopsmartmetersbc”.

Third-hand advice from an unnamed police chief? This mysterious crime-fighter allows he has members of Team Tinfoil on the force, and he supposedly offered legal advice that BC Hydro installers aren’t entitled to go on properties displaying signs refusing wireless upgrades.

Here’s the whole blithering mess, minus the lurid coloured type, including reference to an irrelevant court decision from Colorado.

From: stopsmartmetersbc
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 5:12 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: ( update Jan. 22

1) Very important information obtained by a member via a conversation with a chief of police, who has not yet agreed to allow me to give his name. I suggest we all ask our police chiefs how they would respond, and if they agree with this chief:

“I just had a meeting with the Chief of Police in _______ and outlined the current situation with regards to Hydro trespass issues. He was not only aware of the situation but was well informed since several of his police officers and staff were also opponents of the program and had sent in non-consent forms and posted no trespass signage at their homes. Below is what he clearly stated as the position of the Police.

“Hydro has every right to access a customer’s property to read the meter.

“Hydro has no authority to enter any property with the intention of changing a meter to a Smeter if the homeowner has clearly identified their position with signage (do not install and non consent) and under no circumstance would Hydro be entitled to access (for the purpose of installation) if ‘no trespass’ notice specifically outlined the homeowners right of refusal and notice of trespass identifying Hydro or its contractors.

“He advised that any trespass issues by Hydro would be a violation of a citizen’s rights and would be considered to be an unlawful act and that the Police should be contacted immediately. Bravo!

When I asked him about making a citizens arrest and hog tying the perpetrator he recommended not.”

2) Please submit comments, and write to Micheal Vonn at the BC Civil Liberties Association at They could help us in this battle for our rights.

BC Hydro moves to install remainder of smart meters – Customers must comply since opponents lost legal challenge by Bruce Constantineau – The Vancouver Sun – January 22, 2013:

3) Some people are reporting that Corix/Hydro is coming with or saying they will bring the police to force installation. Refusing to allow a meter is not a criminal offense and unless there is any threat of or attempt at aggression, the police should not get involved.

4) In Colorado, a judge has refused to allow extra fees to be charged to those opting out of the “dumb” grid program. Also, please notice the costs that are triple budget for the first 100 homes. In many places, as I expect will happen in BC (if it hasn’t already), costs are double and triple those initially projected. In Hydro’s business plan there was nothing, for example, for increased security of our data and, probably, inadequate costs for storage and maintenance of the huge amount of data that will be gathered. This, again, is typical.

So when the NDP says that nothing can be done because the money has been spent, please remind them that only the first installment has been spent. Much more is yet to come.

5) CTV report:

Many erroneous statements by Cindy “For Sure” about the grid and program that need to be corrected. These devices are not part of the distribution system and will in no way help. They are merely replacing meters that measure usage. The same old powerlines, poles and transformers are distributing power and will continue to fail.

The program CAN work with analogs at homes. Opt outs are allowed and accommodated in programs around the world. Hydro’s program is costing 2-3 times more per meter than anywhere else yet it cannot handle opt out???
Hydro reps are “talking” and “informing”. Not bullying, threatening, harassing??

There are more than 140,000 homes, not 85,000 as reported. Hydro itself gave this figure in reports last week.

6) Article submitted by someone living in Ireland about radiating devices, whether meters or TETRA masts, which Hydro is using. Many good points, one of which is that Dr. William Bailey, of Exponent, a known “product defense company” has been hired by Fortis. Isn’t it odd that such a company known to fight for some of the most unethical products, has been employed by Fortis if these wireless measuring devices are so wonderful?