I have obtained another e-mail from one of B.C.’s leading anti-smart meter organizations. Carefully anonymous, it reaches new heights of hysteria and irresponsible scare tactics, making an earlier rallying cry from Salt Spring Island seem calm by comparison.

Fabricating claims of BC Hydro “storm trooper tactics” and then suggesting people call 9-1-1 isn’t really very smart, but that’s what people on Vancouver Island and elsewhere are being advised.

As usual, there is plenty of inadvertent humour. The harrowing tale of e-mail bounce-backs and unanswered phone calls leads to a touching devotion to the good old technology of sending faxes to politicians. Yes sir, this jihad against “EMF smog,” as some refer to wireless signals, is on the bleeding edge of the 21st Century battlespace.

And of course they suggest recording cell-phone videos of any “bullying” to use as evidence of the evil wireless threat. (I almost don’t have the heart to remind them that their phones are a stronger source than their meters.)

At the end is a heart-felt shout-out to Province columnist Mike “Smythe” that shouldn’t be missed. Here’s the whole incredible screed:

From: stopsmartmetersbc
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:53 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: (stopsmartmetersbc.ca) Jan 18

Port Hardy has 4 Corix white pickup trucks and 2 small Corix trucks; So here we go. We have to survive 12 weeks until election. Please spread this info all over the province please.
1) This is what is happening – Corix comes first – then when owner turns Corix away, if they comply – the BC Hydro guys are showing up at the door next, even within 30 minutes. Two of them together.

When Corix Hydro guys show up, you have to get their names and badge/id numbers – there appears to be grounds for harassment lawsuits but people need details of the individuals to press harassment lawsuits. They do everything to draw the person into conversation – DON’T TALK TO THEM.

TURN THEM AWAY and state all communication must be in writing. They will keep insisting, but the door has to be closed on them. They will keep talking and keep referring to further contact. People have to say – communicate with me only in writing. DON’T THREATEN THEM, just be unmovable.


IF YOU FEEL THREATENED, CALL 911. Call your area contacts, neighbours. Help others to stand firm, too.
2) We should be calling the Premier, Rich Coleman, MLAs, etc. and encouraging others to do so – complaining about the tactics being used and the fear that is being generated by BC Hydro’s and Corix’s storm trooper tactics. Anger and outrage should be expressed, in a quiet way, so that we don’t sound hysterical, but people are being threatened, police called, etc.
a. Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office: – http://canadaonline.about.com/od/premiers/a/writepremierbc.htm


Mailing Address:
The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia, Box 9041, Station PROV GOVT, Victoria, BC  Canada  V8W 9E1
b. MLA Finder – Legislative Assembly of BC:


c. BC Government Service, BC Enquiry:
- https://extranet.gov.bc.ca/forms/gov/contact/index.html

General enquiries
Can’t find what you are looking for?  Have a question about a program or service?
Contact us Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5pm Pacific Time.


d. BC Government Directory:
- http://dir.gov.bc.ca/

3)  People who have phoned have not had much success. Some have been told they must write to the Premier, MLA, and BC Hydro.  As well, there must be real evidence of harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  Video with camera or phone.

4)  Some additional information of how to successfully get through to government officials and, in particular, the Premier’s office:

After hearing lots lately about bounced-back or undelivered emails and refused registered or regular letters to BC Hydro in particular (and other politicians), along with all the phone-calls that go nowhere …

There are only 2 sure ways to know for sure that a document, correspondence or message has been received.

1. FAX
A fax machine gives you a sent/received receipt, and there is no denying it. That is your proof. Let’s get those Fax machines humming all day, every day on this issue. Faxes are treated on a whole different level, apparently, perhaps due to the trackable nature.


See 2) b. above (MLA Finder – Legislative Assembly of BC)  to search for politicians’ FAX numbers.  If you can’t find it, call their office and ask for it. They should not ask why you want it but if they do, tell them you are sending in a support letter. They love that.

Send documentation by courier. Your letter gets put into a general courier pack/envelope and there will be no indication on the outside what it is, so it won’t get refused and will get signed for. The courier company keeps records of receipt and online tracking systems will show receipt info too.

Remember that only a very tiny handful of the current political officials will still be around come May, so our efforts should be directed loudly at Michael Smythe, Provincial Legislative reporter.  Apparently, ALL politicians hang on to every word of Michael Smythe and read his editorials VORACIOUSLY, DAILY and have been doing so for years.