There’s only one question left to answer in the B.C. Liberal leadership, after some pretty stale “debate” about health care spending and when we should have a funeral for the HST that all the candidates claim to love.

Those following more closely are asking, can Christy Clark win it? This morning she was back in the studio of the radio station she will return to if she loses, and she said she has more than 40 per cent of the party membership ready to vote for her.

What that means is, nobody will win on the first round on Saturday. Second-choice votes will come into play, and that’s when we find out if some agreement between George Abbott and Kevin Falcon supporters has been forged to stop her.

Last week, while welcoming drop-out candidates Moira Stilwell and Ed Mayne to his camp, Abbott was questioned about his second choice. He picked Falcon as his second choice, a signal for his supporters to do the same.

There has been speculation that Abbott’s attacks on Clark’s weak policy ideas are all part of a strategy, one where presumably Falcon steps over Abbott’s inert form to enter the West Annex office. It could work the other way as well.