Rory McIlroy is Nike’s New No. 1


Folks, this is how it happens. Like Tom Stearns Eliot said, “Not with a bang but a whimper.”

As if 1997 was really a whole 16 years ago, Tiger Woods is no longer Tiger Woods. This is not a statement of opinion, but rather one of mathematics and fact. He has more majors now than he did then, which was one. He is 16 years older, obviously. He’s no longer a symbol of golf’s youth movement. He is still one of its biggest ambassadors – maybe still the biggest – but he’s far from the meal ticket.

Even as No. 2, he’s still not No. 1. You can’t deny this. In marketing and in play, Tiger is no longer tops. He’s an opening act or, if you’d prefer it, the guitarist who is still capable of stealing some spotlight away from the lead singer.

So, who’s No. 1? Who’s the headliner?

It is, of course, a little Northern Irish man named Rory McIlroy. Twenty-three, and full of glee.

On Nov. 3, McIlroy usurped Tiger as Nike’s go-to guy, signing a contract that could promise him $250 million and put little black check marks all over England, as if they weren’t there already. Northern Ireland, welcome to the circus, as if you weren’t there already.

It probably shouldn’t be shocking to see Tiger knocked down the status of official opposition — although his friendship, cordiality, and commercial symbiosis with Rory shows he has come to peace with it. Of course, that is shocking, isn’t? The Tiger we all knew — or, thought we knew — was never cool with letting his guard down, or even losing a hole. He was never cool with missing a cut or missing a pay day. He was never friends with the ones who beat him. Friend-ly, maybe. But, not friends.

Now? Tiger doesn’t think Rory McIlroy is his biggest rival. Back in the day, he thought Rory Sabbatini was his biggest rival.

“Obviously, among them are Phil, Vijay, and Ernie… Rory has two Major championships so far but he’s so young, he’s only 23 years old,” Tiger said from golf’s new mecca, Asia. “Let him grow and develop over the next decade. He’s got so much talent and he’s just learning how to play the game. He’s only going to get better with age.”

Right. He’s just learning how to play the game, but he already has two majors.

Tiger’s right. Rory isn’t his biggest rival. But, Tiger is Rory’s.

Suddenly, McIlroy has his foot on everyone’s throat. Suddenly, McIlroy is Kobe Bryant. Or, LeBron. Michael Jordan.

Somehow, we have to stop associating Tiger with Nike, because Nike has gradually stopped associating itself with Tiger, at least unconditionally.

Who knows whether Rory will ever beat the 18 majors mark that Tiger is still chasing, or whether he’ll catch Tiger.

All anyone knows beyond a reasonable doubt is that Nike has placed its crown on a new royal’s head, and his hair is curly.

Long live the King.

WATCH: Red Bull’s Paris Time Lapse Video


This website has built up its own habit of embedding Red Bull’s best videos on its pages and writing little blurbs about them. It is in no way to advertise for Red Bull (although, we would if they wanted to pay us?). It is in no way meant to persuade your children to drink even more liquid cocaine every day.

They’re just awesome. That’s the only reason.

On November 2, 2012, Red Bull live streamed its Skylines event from Paris’s Grand Palais and — prior to the event — they released the above time lapse video of the event’s construction. (White Cover likes time lapses, too.) Read the rest of this entry »

New York Marathon = NHL Winter Classic


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


One is due to a natural disaster, and the other is due to a natural disaster.

Let’s explain… the New York Marathon was finally cancelled on Friday by Mayor Mike Bloomberg, after it was announced the show would go on and then the public revolted. (This race was planned at a time when even NBA games at Madison Square Garden have been called insensitive.) The marathon was of course cancelled because of the devastating party favours left by Hurricane Sandy. Can’t help it, right? A natural disaster so big that Anderson Cooper hasn’t even been able to save children. Read the rest of this entry »


How do you sell women’s sports?

Well, according to a new and growing trend, you put them in their underwear.

We have the Lingerie Football League, which has become a sensation and google-fest in every community it has laid its roots. Now we have the Bikini Basketball League, which recently held public tryouts in Miami, Florida. Read the rest of this entry »

WATCH: All U.S. Presidential Debates

The funny thing about election time is this: we all have opinions, but we don’t know anything. Do we?

It’s a fair bet that we don’t even watch all we say we watch, or read what we say we read. We can talk forever about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama and the (rotating) evilness and hope of each, but most of us base our preferences on hair style and vocal chords.

That’s why the New York Times took the trouble of uploading all three Presidential debates – and one Vice-Presidential debate – for you to see. And, hey, it’s on YouTube!

(Take that, NYT Paywall…) Read the rest of this entry »