(Originally posted on White Cover Magazine)

Of all the terrible things that can be said about the Tuesday night lambasting of Roberto Luongo by Vancouver Canucks’ fans, there may be a silver lining.

After a 4-0 loss which saw Luongo booed and also mocked when he successfully played or stopped a long shot or puck played behind the net, Cory Schneider – who has spent the early part of his no-doubt-to-be-successful career behind Roberto – came to the defense of the guy whose existence has trumped his ability to be a number one goaltender.

Here’s what Schneider had to say to The Province’s Jason Botchford:

  • “For a guy who has done more for this franchise than any other goalie probably in the history of the team, you’d think he’d get a bit of slack or some more leeway before they really get on him.”
  • “He’s a top-three, top-five goalie in this league. I know he’s not playing like that right now. He knows that.
  • “But you’d think, two (home) games into the season, it wouldn’t be like this.”
  • “Not a lot of guys face the scrutiny and criticism he does,” Schneider said. “I’m sure people look at his contract and point to that. But he earned it. He played hard for ten years to earn that contract. So, he shouldn’t feel obligated to answer to that.”
  • “I don’t know why they choose to give him such a hard time all the time . . . It’s a little disappointing to see.”

It’s often reported that there are “Schneider Fans” and there are “Luongo Fans,” but this isn’t like the GOP, where you’re a Romney Fan or you’re a Perry Fan. It’s clear that even Cory is one of the Luongo Fans, and good on him.